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PPP DocDB Statistics

This page shows statistics about the Document Database, such as how many Documents, Revisions, and Files are in the DB.

Total number of Documents: 257
Total number of Revisions: 872 Number of File Entries: 1796
Total Active Revisions: 656 Actual number of Files: 1397
Average Versions per Document: 2.55 Average Files per Revision: 2.13
Average Files per Document: 5.44
Number of registered Authors: 47 Number of possible Topics: 13
Authors of one or more Documents: 44 Number of Topics used: 13
Number of Authors on all Revisions: 1088 Number of Topics on all Revisions: 1180
Average Authors per Revision: 1.25 Average Topics per Revision: 1.35
Average Documents per Author: 7.30 Average Documents per Topic: 26.69